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Expert answers to your UI, SEO, and web problems.

I specialize in UI (User Interface) Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UX (User Experience), web design, development of database driven websites, applications, content management systems, corporate intranet applications, usability, accessibility, Human Factors Engineering, Human/Computer Interaction (HCI), and search engine strategy for corporate entities, highly successful small businesses, and select non-profit organizations.

I have worked for some of the best companies on the planet, and there's a reason for that - it is because I care enough to do the kind of work that gets the results that leaders in their respective industries expect.

A little about me...
I started my internet design career in early 1998, in Munich, Germany while still attending college for Computer Management/Information Services. I worked for top-tier advertising, web design / development / new media companies there for several years, until I came back to my home state of Wisconsin near the end of 2000.

More than 17 years of user-centered design / information architecture and development experience in the USA and Europe has given me the expertise necessary to offer the design, the usability, the functionality and the search engine ranking your company needs. You can only get this from a seasoned, senior UI web designer/developer.

I have an extensive proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I am a strong proponent of usability, section 508 accessibility, and adherence to validation and coding standards (W3C) and practices that facilitate cross-browser compatibility.

You can open my online portfolio here, or visit my links page to see some of the latest things I have been working on.

Design and the Interface
Good design is a cross between art and efficiency - a blending of principles that could be thought of as analogous to customer service plus ergonomics.

The most important thing in UI design for commercial business is that a prospective customer does not get so discouraged with the interface that they give up - the interface must be usable. There's no profit in partial transactions.

Statistics show that if a user has to wait more than eight seconds for an website to fully render, they will most likely leave. In many cases, it's far less than eight seconds.

Further, it doesn't matter how good your user interface is, if nobody can find it - an aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan is essential to any company that hopes to be successfully engaged in business five years from now.

What are UI, UX, GUI, UCD, and HFE?
UI is "User Interface" and is simply the name given to what a user (or "actor" as referred to in the world of usability) interacts with in the application. There are logical elements that are integral to the UI, and there are graphic elements to the design - this is where the term GUI or "Graphical User Interface" comes from.

UX is "User Experience" and is the term used to describe the interaction that a user (actor) has while in a system. Since "experience" is highly subjective, since it is largely based on that user's perceptions, and expectations of what the system should do.

Those designers and developers such as myself, who are devoted to a good user experience, keenly interested in improving the user experience, thus improving interactivity, which translates to business transactions successfully completed.

UCD means "User Centered Design," and represents a conceptual milestone in the field of usability - simply by its existence, the term suggests that User Centered Design is, in fact, gaining the recognition it deserves.

HFE stands for "Human Factors Engineering," and is, quite simply, the science of how humans interact with systems. It involves HCI, or Human / Computer Interaction.

You can read my "Usability and Intuitive Design" article here, or download it in MS Word here. (document size: 42KB)

My SEO/SEM philosophy
I only engage in what are known as "white hat" SEO practices. There is no justification for trying to cheat the search engines - even if such practices can yield a short-term improvement in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ratings, "black hat" SEO techniques will, over the long term, result in being penalized by the legitimate search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live Search/Bing, AOL, and Lycos. The bottom line is, it does not pay to try to gain an unfair advantage.

The best advice I give my clients and students is, BE RELEVANT. That will yield better search engine results than anything else! If you compose well-written text about wizzy-widgets, you will be found by users conducting searches for "wizzy-widgets."

search engine optimization (SEO) results
I lived for a short time in Cincinnati, OH. By the time I had lived there for only five weeks, I had achieved top search engine results for terms such as "UI Cincinnati" and "SEO web Expert Cincinnati".

I've done a lot of work for businesses based in New York, NY, too - NYC, especially Manhattan, is a very competitive place for SEO and UI/UX experts, but I still achieved number one search engine rankings there.

Here are some of those results, which still stand today. This underscores the importance of using legitimate, or "white hat" SEO techniques.

I'll let the results speak for themselves:

These are proven results, and I've had the number one ranking for most of them for years now. Imagine what I can do for your company!

For Good User Experiences
I am appalled at the poorly designed interfaces I see daily on the internet.
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Living the Dream...
I am not currently seeking employment, and I have just been hired by an exemplary company with extraordinary vision, that is a leader in their industry. I am very excited about the prospect of bringing my talent to a company that understands that doing it right the first time is less costly than doing it "good enough" with the attitude of "we'll go back later and fix whatever doesn't work."

A company that encourages creativity, and facilitates research and development.

This company is Apex Data Solutions.

Apex Data Solutions has the absolute hand-picked, cream of the crop, empowered, talented, employees that are humble, and who love collaboration - and who aren't afraid to admit if they don't know something. Apex Data Solutions is a company where learning is encouraged, and where everyone can share their particular individual expertise, working toward the common goal of accomplishing something far beyond the ordinary.

And, I might mention: we're building world-changing online applications for Federal Government agencies.

That's what makes Apex Data Solutions my dream company.

This is the stable, solid, innovative company I have been searching for my entire career. I am very excited about the future with Apex Data Solutions. What an amazing opportunity - I am thrilled to be able to be part of something so amazing!


Project Update
I have just finished the new website for Cullinan Dental, in Tampa, FL - see it at

It is, so far, in need of content - however, it is a good example of responsive design, for such a simple website.

A month ago, it was impossible to find this dental practice - now, can be found somewhere between SERP page number 2 or number 3. Thus begins the dance with the search engines, and will, no doubt, be at the top of page 1 of the SERPS soon - this has always been the case for all of the websites I've built for my clients, such as Park Family and Cosmetic Dental.


The Cobbler's Kids Need New Shoes...
My wife and I have recently finished building our dream house, in a very remote location. Since this ENORMOUS project is nearly finished, I hope to be able to spend some time soon updating this website, and my portfolio, which I haven't done now for about two years.

Please bear with me - thanks!


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